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Brit Andersen Captures Gold for Second Time in 2001 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 01 October 2001 00:00
By Cathie Tanner

Starting fifth in the Seekonk Youth Racing Association feature, Brit Andersen waved the checkered flag for all to see for the second time this season.

Having patience was the key for young Andersen, as he had to work at getting through some of the slower traffic that was in front of him. Once in front, Brit began to open quite a lead on the field. Hot shoe Josh Lima began to close in on Brit as the laps wound down, but Brit held out to score the win.
Lima grabbed second spot, followed by Tom Donahue, Justin Travis, and Thomas Ellis.
At Age 5, he’s man to beat PDF Print E-mail
The man to beat in the Quarter Midgets of America 1994 Eastern Grand National Championship is five years old.

The local favorite to win the Junior Novice class A-Mains is Brit, “The Bullet” Andersen of Branford, a member of the Silver City Quarter Midget Club, and the only driver from Connecticut assured one of the eight positions in Friday’s race.

“I want to win it,” Brit said.  But his father, Andy Andersen, is reluctant to say the race is a done deal.

“Anything can happen.  He’s a good driver, and he has a fast car,” said Andy Andersen.  “We’ll see Friday.”

Brit qualified for the race Monday with a time 7.5712 a personal best at the Silver City Speedway, 835 Hanover Road, where the grand nationals are being run through Saturday.  But his time wasn’t the fastest:   Tyler Clements, 8, of Lebanon, Ind., clocked 7.5471 to break Brit’s track record of 7.6791.

Brit is not used to being second.

He’s won eight races at the Silver Cit Speedway.  He’s set the track record at the speedway (and will have another opportunity to set it in two weeks).  He’s won a race at the Little T at the Thompson Speedway, where he is the point leader in his class.

All this in his first year.

“Brit is definitely one of the fastest, that’s why everybody looks to beat him,” said Andy Krawiec, whose 8 year old son Joe, numbers among those who savor success against Brit.

“I like beating Brit,” Joe said.

The Bristol youth, belongs to The Silver City Quarter Midget Club and races against Brit regularly, beating him for the first time two weeks ago at the Little T, when Joe placed second behind Dave Goduti, Jr., 8 of Wallingford.

Brit placed third.

And Joe was confident Wednesday that not only will have another opportunity to beat Brit, but that it could be as soon as Friday.

But the first he had to get through the D feature, or bracket, Wednesday.

“Our strategy isn’t really to win, is it Joe?” his father asked. “It’s to be in the top four.”

And sure enough Joe, finished second in his feature to move into sixth position in the C feature, which along with the B feature, runs today.  By placing in the top four of each feature, drivers move into the last four positions of the next feature.

Junior Novice racing differs from quarter-midget racing only in that there are eight positions in each feature, rather than 10.  Also, Junior Novice cars have a “restrictive plate,” a removable plate between the carburetor and the manifold.  The plate shrinks the hole through which gas and air pass to more manageable speeds for the first year racers, whose range in age from 5-8 years old.  “Its drives us fathers crazy trying to make them go faster,” Krawiec said.

It also drives Brit crazy.  He can’t wait ‘til the day he is driving in a higher class.  “The cars go faster after Junior Novices,” Brit said.  And he likes to go fast.
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